University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

As one of the world’s leading veterinary universities, the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (Vetmeduni), contributes its expertise to this consortium—particularly in the field of animal health management, represented by the Clinical Unit for Herd Health Management in Ruminants. In the field of herd health, the Clinical Unit is internationally renowned and networked with numerous important research groups in this field. Aspects of precision livestock farming (PLF) are among the department’s research priorities. Additionally, several FFG-funded projects have been carried out and published by the Clinical Unit. Further expertise in the field of the assessing of animal welfare and applying PLF technologies is offered by Vetmeduni’s Institute for Animal Welfare Science. The Vetmeduni has an additional site in Lower Austria, VetFarm Kremesberg, which has provided the corresponding infrastructure from previous PLF studies as well as the animal numbers required for application-oriented studies.