PhD Project

Strategic collection and provision of field crop data

At BOKU, numerous field experiments were conducted in recent years and decades. Within the frame of this DiLaAg PhD project, the available data will be systematically collected and homogenised in a databank. Additionally, new field experiments will be conducted. An exemplary topic that will be investigated in field experiments is the “Development, growth, nitrogen uptake, yield, and yield components of spring- and winter wheat depending on nitrogen fertilisation in combination with various remote sensing technologies”. Potential data sources include sensors (on satellites, drones, vehicles and handheld devices), crop models as well as data on plants, soil, and weather. Together with DiLaAg colleagues, this database will be used to analyse agricultural production systems, to predict the system performances in the future and to develop decision support tools.

The goal is to develop new, innovative approaches to estimate certain crop parameters based on remote sensing technologies. Exemplary crop parameters are biomass, leaf area, nitrogen uptake or chlorophyll content of plants. The newly collected data will be included in the database and used together with DiLaAg colleagues.

This PhD project addresses new, innovative techniques (Goal 9), for optimising agricultural production systems both economically and ecologically, the responsible and sustainable agricultural production (Goals 12 and 15), the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (Goal 13) as well as the reduction of hunger around the world (Goal 2).

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